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New Online Casinos 2017

New online casinos are still being launched online, and although some disappear soon after a short period of time, many of them remain. The market thus includes an ever increasing number of online casinos, and it may be difficult to orientate and track what newcomers appear. It may therefore be a good idea to use a casino guide online that gives an overview of the various providers and what exactly characterizes them. There is no way to get away that players have quite different requirements for new online casinos, and the online casinos must choose what they want to focus on. Some want a new online casino that is simple and clear, others are only concerned with bonuses and payouts while some want a new, exciting and innovative concept.

Due to the large and ever-increasing range of new online casinos, one can ask what the new operators are doing to survive in the highly competitive market. Part of this answer lies in the bonus and loyalty schemes. New online casinos 2017 must have a way to attract new players, and it turns out that some of the players are most keen on are bonuses. By offering a welcome bonus that is either very generous or easy to play through, or most preferably both, they will be able to attract new customers. To make these players stay, the various new casinos offer different promotions and bonuses, in addition to loyalty programs.

In today’s market, however, it is not always possible to use extravagant bonuses to attract new customers, first and foremost, because virtually all other new casinos offer very generous bonuses and there is a limit to how far you can stretch. New casinos must therefore find new ways to impress potential players. Some online casinos do this by betting on the mobile platform. Although the technical advances have long been able to play via the mobile phone, the online casino industry is hanging out in this area, and there are few that emphasize mobile to a particularly large extent. Another option may be to create a different and unique online casino, such as Casino Saga has done in the form of introducing an RPG format on its site.
One of the best ways to explore a new casino is to make use of a free bonus in the form of free spins. Such free spins provide free spins or rounds at specific slot machines, giving a great opportunity to test both the online casino and the current game. As an added bonus, you may be lucky enough to win a bigger amount, or even the jackpot, while using free spins. There are examples that players have won millions of dollars just while they have explored new casinos using free spins.

New Online Casino 2017: Slots

For many players, slot machines are the core of the casino. This is undoubtedly the most popular form of casino games with its immediate attraction on almost all types of players. Fast winnings, instant stress release and lots of exciting features like free spins and bonus games along the way.

Most new online casinos have loads of slot machines in their game range, ranging from classic slots to modern slots machines with well-known themes. Many of the video slots are based on Hollywood movies, adventures or the story of famous bands, making many instantly recognize the theme of the slots. The video slots also have lots of symbols with different features, where the wild symbol is the most popular. It helps you win by creating winning combinations with absolutely all other symbols, making it easier to win big winnings at the latest online casinos! The scatter symbol sometimes works in the same way, but in addition, it releases free spins on the slot machine if you get plenty in a row!

New Online Casino Slots

The most popular form of slots at new online casinos are probably the progressive slots machines. These have a big jackpot that grows the more people play on the machine, and some can grow to hundreds of millions of dollars before it’s triggered.

Live casino at new casino sites

In recent years most people got faster computers and mobile devices, and the internet has been significantly faster than it was before. It has made it possible for many new online casino sites to launch their own live casino. Here you can play live video from a real casino and really get to know the authentic casino atmosphere.

It’s a bit different which games are offered in Live Casino, but you will usually always find blackjack, baccarat and roulette at the vast majority of new Scandinavian casinos. With others, you will find more variants of these games as well as some other card games like Casino Hold’em.

New Online Casino Sites No Deposit Bonus

Many new online casinos 2017 today offer what is called a “no deposit bonus” or a casino bonus without deposits. This means that as a new customer you have the opportunity to try out various online casino games, without risking your own money. You can therefore play free Blackjack, free roulette, free bingo, freeslots any many others.

Typically, these bonuses cover no deposit amounting to €10 or 20 casino free spins at one of the many online slot machines. These must then be wagered x number of times before the bonus can be paid. However, there are some exceptions – for example, there is no turnover requirement on winnings from free spins at some casinos.

If you are not the big gambler, or are you new to the online casino world, it may be a good idea to start out with a casino bonus without a deposit. Since many new online casinos offer free casino bonuses, you can register as a user at many different casinos, now play for a higher amount – without risking your own money. It is therefore worth paying out to register at several different casinos to get the most out of the different bonuses.

New Online Casino Free Spins

20 free spins no deposit required

20 or 50 free spins no deposit required

60 free spins no deposit required

10 free spins no deposit required

15 free spins no deposit required

`10 free spins no deposit required

20 free spins no deposit required

20 free spins no deposit required

20 free spins no deposit required

10 free spins no deposit required

50 free spins no deposit required

20 free spins no deposit required

Welcome Bonuses at New Online Casinos

However, it is far from just the game selection that is crucial for many when choosing which online casino to play because there are also very many players who go for the online casinos that offer the best and Most Beneficial Welcome Offers and Casino Bonus Codes for New Players, Because using these advantageous offers and free spins, you have the perfect opportunity to play even more money than you’ve paid for. Because it’s just one of the things that is crucial to many players in choosing online casinos, casinos have happily started to tailor some really attractive welcome offers and bonus plans to the great potential of the new potential players.

New Online Casinos

These welcome offers usually consist of a number of free spins no deposit required for a particular slot machine or an advantageous casino deposit bonus on the first deposit to the game account, or maybe even both. It’s very different from casino to casino, and it’s worth paying off to read the section in our casino reviews about just this point. In addition to the deposit bonus, it is also a good idea to have three different things in mind before you get too excited. Bonus rate, maximum bonus amount and turnover requirement.

The bonus percentage indicates how many percent your deposit amount as the casino will give you, and in the case of deposit bonuses, it is typically 100% up to a certain amount, which is equivalent to a doubling of your own deposit. The maximum bonus amount is the amount of the deposit bonus, and it is typically up to €2000 in new online casinos.

The last point, which is probably also the most important thing to note, is the wager requirement, which indicates how many times the bonus money must be played before they can be converted into real money, which you can withdraw from the game account and use as real cash . The wager requirement is typically in new online casinos at approx. 35-40 times, but if it is higher, typically it will not be possible to make use of the offer, so it is important to read what is described in small numbers. We hope that you’ve got a bit of reading a bit about our good advice and that you can use our overview of the new online casinos in 2017, as you can also find reviews of here on this page.

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